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  • Emily Hyde

The do's and don'ts for cleaning safety eyewear.

Safety eye protection should be properly taken care of to prolong it's lifecycle and to ensure they are able to sustain the level of protection required.

Did you know: The number of reason for scratched lenses is due to poor cleaning and improper storage!

Please take note of our do's and don'ts in order to care for your safety eyewear properly.


  • Use a folder towelette to brush away loose particles

  • Alternatively rinse off dust or course particles with running water

  • Use a cleaning fluid on both sides

  • Rub the cleaning solution in a circular motion using dedicated cleaning towelettes or tissue

  • Alternatively you can use specialised cleaning wipes

  • Handle the eyewear by the frame


  • Rub backwards and forwards when cleaning

  • Do not wipe dry, the cleaning solution will evaporate

  • Do not use wipes, towelettes or tissue without cleaning solution

  • Handle by touching the lens

  • Don't store or rest the eyewear with the lenses facing down onto the surface

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