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Custom  Workwear

Custom workwear means the flexibility to create uniforms and PPE that capture the essence of your brand. 

We can supply it all, from embroidered outfits tailored to your team to well-fitted PPE and safety footwear.

For Personal Protective Equipment needs to fit properly to work. Too loose and it can snag, slip, or cause trips. Too tight and it can rub and blister. We can create personalised PPE that’s custom-fitted and solves these problems.


Employees with specific needs will benefit immeasurably. For example, those who wear prescription glasses having safety eyewear that’s designed to work with their own.


Personalised PPE’s also an opportunity for companies to display their branding, colours or employee names on equipment that’s used day to day and seen by clients, stakeholders, or customers.

Personalised ppe


  • Tailored: Custom Workwear can be tailored to the individual needs of the user.


  • Comfort and Safety: Designed to give maximum comfort and ensure safety.


  • Professional and Smart: Custom workwear represents your business in a professional manner.


Personalised Uniform

In some sectors – e.g., healthcare, hospitality and retail – personalised uniform can make employees more approachable and mean they’re easily identified.


Custom workwear gives a polished and professional appearance, furthered by displaying your branding and company colours.


Custom workwear can help to create a polished and professional appearance in a number of sectors including:


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