Healthcare-specific solutions

Decades of experience protecting nurses, carers, and lab technicians makes us their trusted choice for PPE.

We continue to work closely with many healthcare sector organisations, including the NHS and renowned private organisations.

As a single source workwear supplier, it’s our job to understand your specific pains, help you assess the level of protection you need, then devise the perfect PPE range to match.

Whether that’s comfortable, easy-to-clean shoes and tunics for your carers, or well-fitting facemasks to protect nurses and lab workers from occupational hazards, you’re in safe hands.

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Face Protection

For decades we’ve helped protect workers in the healthcare, construction, industrial sectors and more with high-impact, chemical resistant face protection.

We stock an extensive range of safety visors, goggles and face-shields that can be used in conjunction with other PPE such as respirators to keep your staff safe.

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Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) is key to health and safety at work.

From powered respirators to disposable masks, our RPE shields your people from harmful substances to ensure they breathe clean uncontaminated air while they fulfil their healthcare duties.

As an employer, providing RPE is not just a responsibility but a critical part of your safety protocol that DCC can help you deliver.

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Healthcare PPE

When your staff are caring for others, the last thing they need to worry about is their uniform.

For years, we have provided carers and nurses working in both public and private healthcare sectors with a diverse range of branded tunics, face masks and other practical workwear to not only protect them from occupational hazards, but to help them perform at their best.

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Custom/Branded Workwear

We’ve been supplying large multi-sited healthcare organisations with high-volumes of branded PPE and workwear for decades.

Through our in-house embellishment facilities we’re able to bring your brand to life across thousands of sites while keeping every employee safe, comfortable and compliant.

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Hand Protection

With finger and hand injuries accounting for more than 25% of all workplace accidents, hand protection is a critical part of PPE.

From industry specific sleeve options to cut resistant gloves that also prevent skin absorption of harmful substances and chemicals, we can help create the perfect PPE package to protect your workers’ fingers, hands and arms.

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