Your Bespoke Intuitive Portal

Full Control of Orders, Allocations & Expenditure

No two customers have the same IT requirements when it comes to ordering garments and controlling budgets. That’s why we work with you to build a bespoke ordering portal that works the way you do.

We therefore offer a range of budget and wardrobe control options, including allocation, item age, price and points based.

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, we can build an order management process directly into the portal, allowing managers to review, amend, accept or reject wearers’ given reasons for an order request.

Easily Make, Track & Return Orders

Available 24/7, whenever and wherever needed.

We understand that a wearer may want to order at home, while commuting or even on their lunch break, which is why we ensure our ordering system is responsive and available 24/7.

Our web ordering portal is set up bespoke to each client and its functionality includes ordering and tracking of garments, returns and open orders, stock levels and progress of core or any special orders. Storing and maintenance of wearer information is strictly protected by the latest data protection systems and off site back up.

We also operate a sophisticated ERP system which is integrated with our warehousing system to allow reservation of stock within virtual warehouses to ringfence stock against specific reason codes. This function enables service fulfilment to all new starters to run at a consistent 100%. It also allows for controlled anniversary re-issues, ensuring the wearer gets full life wear from their allocation, prevents allocations being exceeded, allows for better cash flow management for the client with easy budgeting and reporting available.

Added Value Solutions

PPE and workwear is just part of what we offer as part of our service. Browse our other added value solutions below:

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