Stronger Together

As part of Workwear Uniform Group, DCC is able to provide solutions spanning the entire workwear lifecycle.

Established in 2023, Workwear Uniform Group (WWUGL) consists of multiple brands who each excel in a distinct part of the workwear lifecycle, spanning:

  • Materials and product sourcing
  • Supplier auditing
  • Workwear product manufacturing
  • Bespoke uniform range design and creation
  • Large volume stockholding and distribution
  • Recycling and end-of-product-life processing

As a key part of the Group, DCC is able to offer even greater start-to-finish contract solutions to customers like you.



GiSa International is our Global Sourcing, Quality and Sustainability office, specialising in:

  • Textiles, Fabrics, Raw Materials and Components
  • Apparel, Footwear & PPE
  • World-class testing, Quality Assurance, Quality Control

Through GiSa, DCC has access to a vast global network of audited suppliers and the visibility and control to guarantee sustainable and ethical operations at every stage.

K&D Manufacturing

K&D Manufacturing is our Sri-Lanka based factory and manufacturing partner which operates as a business in its own right.

Specialising in zero waste manufacturing from sustainability sourced materials, K&D is a key strategic partner whose ownership allows our customers to benefit from rapid product turnaround with minimal bottlenecks.


Where DCC specialises in large co-ordinated rollouts of off-the-shelf branded PPE and workwear, Incorporatewear (ICW) are experts in bespoke, precision-crafted uniforms to organisations in the travel, retail, banking and other sectors.

By working together and sharing our facilities and expertise, both DCC and ICW can provide a greater service and range of solutions to our respective customers.

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Workwear Uniform Group BV

Workwear Uniform Group BV (WWUGL BV) is our Netherlands based distribution hub that enables us to service to EU-based customers more quickly and with more competitive pricing.

It also allows us to centrally manage stock for EU customers for rapid delivery through the EU, combining both DCC and ICW’s capabilities to offer the full range of PPE, workwear and brand uniforms as a managed service.


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