High Quality Railway Clothing

Decades of rail-specific experience gives us a deep understanding of the right PPE for your needs.

Railway workers are required to wear high-visibility clothing to maintain visibility and safety in all conditions.

That’s why our rail workwear meets the rigorous RIS-3279 TOM standards set by the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB).

From rail-spec coveralls, bodywarmers, and jackets, to on-brand hijab and female-fit PPE ranges, our garments are trusted to protect workers from hazards while working on active railways, day or night, in various weather conditions.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Protect your entire organisation from top-to-toe with our cradle-to-grave PPE solutions.

From Arc flash and chemical resistant garments to female fit safety boots and respiratory equipment, we can manufacture or supply any PPE you need to guarantee site-wide compliance and safety.

Our intuitive online portal also makes it easy to standardise PPE and control budgets centrally across thousands of sites.

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Arc Flash and Flame Retardant Clothing

Protection from arc flash incidents and flames is key for those operating in industrial settings that involve work with electricity, flammable materials or equipment that can generate sparks.

From hi-vis Arc flash coveralls to Arc flash gloves and face protection, we have decades of experience protecting workforces like yours from potentially severe Arc flash incidents through our PPE options.

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Hi-Visibility Clothing

On work sites, to be seen is to be safe.

Stay compliant and protect your frontline workers from accidents with our top-to-toe ranges of high-visibility workwear and PPE:

Guaranteed, demonstrable compliance with all applicable standards

  • Comprehensive GoreTex, Arc flash and rail-spec options available
  • Wide range of colour, single tone and two tone options
  • Chemical resistant options
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Protect your team from the elements with our range of Gore-Tex workwear.

Gore-Tex offers a valuable combination of protection, comfort, and durability for workers that is especially useful in industrial sectors where exposure to adverse weather and temperatures is common.


  • Offers exceptional waterproofing properties
  • Helps regulate temperature
  • Is breathable and windproof
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Inclusive Workwear

A diverse workforce is a stronger workforce.

Widen and protect your talent pool with specialised PPE and workwear solutions designed specifically for those with specialised needs.

From on-brand hijab that conform to religious beliefs, to female-fit, menopause specific ranges and special adjustments for stoma wearers or anyone who needs to inject, we offer a wide range of inclusive workwear options.

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RIS-3279 TOM Compliant

Our extensive range of rail-spec PPE ensures full RIS-3279 TOM compliance throughout every site.

Alongside our clothing ranges, we also supply top-to-toe PPE ranges. From hardhats to hi-vis coveralls to safety boots, we guarantee full conformity with RIS-3279 TOM and adherence to all other applicable standards.

That’s not all though. Our entire range is designed to be breathable, waterproof, lightweight, reflective, and to help regulate body temperature. That’s why companies like Network Rail trust us to keep their workers safe, comfortable, and on-brand across every railway site.

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