Top-to-Toe Chemical Protection

From chemical resistant coveralls to full hazmat suits, protect every worker on every site with our PPE.

Whether in labs, waste management plants, construction sites, or in emergency response teams, there are countless working environments that present risks to exposure to dangerous chemicals and substances.

In these environments, the right PPE is critical to ensuring safe and compliant work.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to accurately assess the risks, chemicals and harmful substances your employees may be exposed to.

At DCC, we can supply the right PPE to effectively mitigate these risks.

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Site-Wide Chemical Protection

Coveralls and Full Body Protection

Certified to the latest standards, you can trust our wide range of chemical suits and coveralls to protect your staff:

  • 380gm2 double sided coated PVC fabric
  • Stitched and high frequency welded seams
  • Available in various configurations from stock, including boiler-suits, jackets, bib ‘n’ brace, trousers and more
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Respirators and Face-Protection

Our vast network of global suppliers means we can supply the best disposable respirators in the market, and we only work with brands who constantly outperform other brands when “Fit Tested”.

This means you get the best possible defence against harmful dusts, mists, fibres, fumes, and other particulate hazards.


Chemical and Solvent Hand Protection

Chemical resistant gloves are common in industrial, waste, lab, and healthcare environments where hands may be exposed to biohazards, chemicals, and solvents.

At DCC, we’ve been protecting workers hands for years and our ranges conform to all applicable standards, including:

  • EN 388:2016
  • EN 374
  • EN ISO 374-1:2016
  • EN 407

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From safety footwear to Arc flash rated garments, DCC can supply exactly what you need.

Commonly asked questions

Confused about the chemical protection you need? Let us help.

What does chemical PPE include?

Chemical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) often consists of things like chemical-resistant suits, gloves, goggles or face shields, respirators, and specialised footwear made to fend against chemical splashes or spills.

What purpose does chemical PPE serve?

Chemical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is used to protect people from exposure to potentially harmful liquids, gases, and solids. This minimises the risk of skin contact, inhalation, and other potentially harmful kinds of absorption.

Why should I choose DCC?

We’re the only supplier in the UK to operate across the entire workwear and PPE lifecycle.

From sourcing and manufacturing products, to their distribution and end-of-product life processing, we’ll manage everything for you.

This also gives us the supply chain control to offer the best possible product line quality, rapid lead times (thanks to our automated warehouse), and the most competitive pricing in the market.

You couldn’t be in safer hands.

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