Filtration You Can Depend On

Protect your frontline teams from contaminants with our wide range of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)

Whether you need dusk masks, half-face filter masks, full-face filter masks, or powered air-purifying respirators, DCC can keep your staff safe in even the harshest working environments.

From laboratories and care homes to construction sites and manufacturing plants, we can help you navigate the complexity of choosing the right RPE across your sites.

With DCC, compliance and safety is guaranteed across every site.

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Stay Safe With Respiratory Protective Equipment

Disposable Respirators

  • Suitable for many industries and applications where workers need particulate protection
  • Choice of cup shape or flat-fold, and valved/unvalved
  • Protect against ozone and nuisance levels of organic vapours and acid gages
  • Lightweight, maintenance-free, comfortable, convenient and easy to use
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Reuseable Respirators

  • Protects against particulates, gases, and vapours
  • Features replaceable or integrated filters
  • Range of fully maintainable options that may be cleaned, stored, and reused (if in good condition)
  • Full face respirators also offer integrated eye and face protection

Powered Air Respirators

  • Protect your teams against dusts, mists, fumes, gases, vapours, and combination hazards
  • Options for integrated eye, face, head, neck, and hearing protection in one system – avoid incompatibility issues
  • Modular system options allows you to mix and match items to meet changing needs across diverse working environments

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Commonly asked questions

Need advice on what type of respiratory protection to choose? Let us help.

What kinds of respiratory protection are there?

There are various types of respiratory protection equipment and devices that are available, each of which is intended to offer a different amount of protection. The kind of respiratory protection to use depends on the specific risks present, the level of protection needed, the length of exposure, and the wearer’s comfort and fit.

What are the limitations of respiratory protection?

Even though respiratory protection is crucial for protecting people from airborne threats, it has inherent limitations. A suitable fit and seal must be achieved for such protection to be effective, a need susceptible to individual differences and irregularities. Due to their limited lifespans, filters and cartridges must be replaced on a regular basis.

Why is respiratory protection important?

As the first line of defence against airborne dangers that could endanger human health, respiratory protection is of the utmost importance. Respiratory protection is essential for preventing respiratory infections and securing people, whether it be in workplaces dealing with harmful chemicals, medical facilities during infectious disease epidemics, or emergency response situations.

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