Automated Picking Meets Ultra-Low Emissions

Safer, faster, more accurate order fulfilment

Our state-of-the art-storage and retrieval system uses robotics for safer, faster and more accurate order fulfilment.

We recognise the key role timeliness of delivery means to our customers, that’s why we have invested £15m in a state-of-the-art automated warehouse system that uses robotics to significantly reduce picking times, reduce carbon emissions and greatly increase usable storage space, enabling us to store larger quantities of your stock, ready for immediate dispatch.

Alongside our new automated warehouse, we are also rolling out a best-in-class ERP system, which will allow us to offer customers real-time dispatch, stock, SLA, and back-order information with tailored customer dashboards showing key management information.

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Fast Dispatches, Low Emissions

Sustainable Warehousing and Logistics

Our state-of-the-art warehouse reduces the emissions associated with picked item by 75%.

Magnified across hundreds of thousands of garments dispatched to customers throughout Europe, this equates to significant reductions in the environmental impact both we and our customers have on the planet.

Accurate Real-Time Stock Data

Powered by robotics and automation, our warehouse provides us with much more detailed and accurate data than typical warehouses.

For you, this means the most accurate real-time data on your orders, dispatch dates, and any backorders.

Rapid Picking and Quick Product Dispatches

Our automated picking, storage and inventory management system is the first of its kind in the UK, allowing us to store vast volumes of your stock ready for dispatch at a moment’s notice.

Coupled with our dedicated account management service, this ensures you are always sufficiently prepared for peak periods.

Keeping You Ahead of the Curve

From New PPE Products to New Technologies

DCC is a proud part of Workwear Uniform Group, the UK’s largest independent workwear supplier.

This enables us to work with our sister brands to offer solutions and technologies covering the entirety of the workwear lifecycle.

From devising a comprehensive PPE range and sourcing materials and products from a global network of vetted suppliers, to helping you phase out and process end-of-life garments sustainably, we can offer an end-to-end service that keeps you two steps ahead of the competition.

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From quarry workers and haul truck drivers to site managers and repair technicians, stay safe with our extensive PPE options.

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From heavy equipment operators to supervisors and maintenance crews, safeguard your team with our comprehensive PPE solutions.

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Facilities Management

From security personnel to maintenance engineers, keep workers safe and looking the part with our PPE and workwear solutions.

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Find out more about our workwear for the Healthcare industry. Overalls to PPE, we will be able to support your organisation.

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Keep back-of-house staff safe and front-of-house staff looking the part with our range of functional workwear and PPE.

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From track workers to maintenance crews, ensure compliance and protect every worker with out rail-specification PPE options.

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Transport & Logistics

From yard and warehouse personnel to maintenance crews, ensure company-wide compliance and safety with our PPE solutions.

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From plant operators to telecomms technicians, we supply the perfect range of PPE and workwear to meet your specific needs.

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From chemical resistant coveralls and PPE to needle-proof gloves, protect waste industry workers from top-to-toe with DCC.

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Industries we supply

    Added Value Solutions

    PPE and workwear is just part of what we offer as part of our service. Browse our other added value solutions below:

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