Single Source Technical Workwear Supply

From female-fit to industry-specific options, keep your staff safe and compliant with our technical workwear.

Technical workwear is clothing that must comply with specific regulations and quality requirements.

Over decades we have built an experienced, ethical, and thoroughly vetted supply chain that enables us to quickly source or manufacture the exact range of items you need to ensure full conformity with even the most stringent workplace requirements.

We take great pride and care in responsibly designing, sourcing, and creating garments that meet regulations without compromising on comfort or looks.

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Safety Clothing

Looking smart and staying safe aren’t mutually exclusive.

From high-visibility and flame-resistant (FR) clothing to safety shoes and branded hardhats, our extensive range of safety workwear will keep your workforce safe, comfortable, and on-brand at all times.

From corporate offices through to warehouses and back of house functions, we can cater to any workwear need and applicable standard.

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Hi-Vis Clothing

On many sites, to be seen is to be safe.

Stay compliant and protect your frontline workers from accidents with our top-to-toe ranges of high-visibility workwear and PPE:

  • Guaranteed, demonstrable compliance with all applicable standards
  • Comprehensive GoreTex, Arc flash and rail-spec options available
  • Wide range of colour, single tone and two tone options
  • Chemical resistant options
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Gore-Tex Workwear

Protect your team from the elements with our range of Gore-Tex workwear.

Gore-Tex offers a valuable combination of protection, comfort, and durability for workers that is especially useful in industrial sectors where exposure to adverse weather and temperatures is common.


  • Offers exceptional waterproofing properties
  • Helps regulate temperature
  • Is breathable and windproof
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Arc Flash and FR Clothing

Protection from arc flash incidents and flames is key for those operating in industrial settings that involve work with electricity, flammable materials or equipment that can generate sparks.

From hi-vis Arc flash coveralls to Arc flash gloves and face protection, we have decades of experience protecting workforces like yours from potentially severe Arc flash incidents through our PPE options.

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Electrical Workwear

Electrical workwear needs to be practical, safe, and suited to the unique challenges and hazards posed by electrical work.

From electrically insulated gloves and hardhats to top-to-toe non-conductive workwear options that allow workers to move comfortably in small spaces, we have decades of experience providing electrical workwear that keeps every worker safe from electrical hazards.

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Other PPE Workwear Options

Whether you need Arc rated technical workwear, sustainable and inclusive workwear options, or bespoke branded clothing, we have you covered.

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