On-Brand From Head-to-Toe

Bring your brand to life with our extensive range of suiting and workwear options

The DCC corporate clothing range includes a professional uniform for comfortable everyday wear, comprised of suits, shirts, blouses, skirts, ties, cravats, and more. While some businesses embrace relaxed dress policies, we understand the demand for professional corporate uniform and can design uniforms to meet your exact needs.

These garments are of a tailored style and come in a variety of colours to accurately reflect the brand identity you’ve worked so hard to create.

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Your Work Uniform Partner

From Design to Delivery

We’re proudly part of the Workwear Uniform Group, which enables us to provide solutions spanning the entire workwear lifecycle.

That means that from designing your bespoke uniform from scratch via our brand partner, Incorporatewear, to manufacturing garments and end-of-product-life processing, we can do it all for you.

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Ethical and Responsible Sourcing

Our international sourcing and auditing offices ensure that for the 20% of output that we do not produce directly, we have full control and visibility into the ethical and sustainability of operations.

Rest assured that your uniform will not only look the part, it will do so without harming people or the planet.

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Industry-Leading Facilities

Be it our in-house embellishment facilities, sustainable fabric options or our state-of-the-art warehouse which uses robotics for ultra-fast picking and ultra-low emissions, working with DCC gives you access to the best technology and workwear options in the industry.

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