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Safety Bump CAPS

Head protection is important across a wide range of sectors. Whilst there are some sectors such as Construction when safety helmets are most effective as PPE, safety bump caps may be suitable for others.


As the name suggests, bump caps can protect workers against the impact of bumping their head. They can reduce the risk and the impact of minor head bumps and cuts.


Examples of when a bump cap can offer protection include:


  • Walking or bumping into a stationary object

  • Bumping into a protruding object or ceiling in a restricted space

  • Preventing hair from getting caught in moving parts of machinery

ppe bump caps

Compared to other forms of Head Protection such as Safety Helmets and Hard Hats, PPE bump caps do not offer the same level of protection.


As a form of PPE, bump caps can be useful for those working in confined spaces or in rooms with low or uneven ceiling heights.


It’s important to raise awareness about the lower level of Head Protection that bump caps offer. Whilst they may be suitable in some workplace environments, they do not offer any significant protection from falling objects.




A safety bump cap looks like a standard baseball cap and is generally made from lightweight material to keep the head from overheating.



Depending on the fabric used, most bump caps offer breathability and stop the head getting too hot in the workplace. Some caps have vents to allow heat to escape.




Bump caps generally have foam inserts for maximum comfort and for in-built impact resistance.




Bump camps can be customised to display your company’s colours or logo. Depending on the sector you may also want to use bump caps that have reflective strips on them.


Head protection is important across all sectors however it is most used in:


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