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Rubber Gloves

Disposable Work Gloves

Hand protection is a must in the workplace. They’re a vulnerable part of the human body – the skin itself is sensitive to different materials, chemicals, and temperatures.


Disposable work gloves are designed to be thrown away after a single use, but they can help stop -


  • Lacerations and cuts

  • Punctures

  • Burns

  • Skin irritation


With many different materials and styles available, you can pick the most suitable option for the task you need them for. For extra protection, you can also pair them with other guards and arm coverings.

PPE disposable Gloves

In sectors like HealthcarePPE there’s little time when disposable gloves aren’t used. Nurses, doctors, surgeons, hospital porters and cleaning staff – they all wear them.


Think about the type of tasks that the gloves will be used for. In hospitality, vinyl gloves are used for food handling, whereas latex are more appropriate for cleaning.


Furthermore, disposable gloves are usually thinner than other types. This flexibility makes them useful when ease of movement and dexterity’s needed.


There are factors beyond price when choosing the right gloves.



Nitrile, latex, and vinyl tend to be used for disposable gloves. But it depends on things like


  • how the gloves will be used

  • where

  • what substances will be involved (if any)

  • the level of dexterity the wearer needs to carry out tasks


Resistance to chemicals

Depending on the environment where the gloves will be used, they may need to be chemical resistant too.


Resistance to temperature

Most disposable gloves are intended for indoor use only and don’t give protection against extreme weather conditions.

Key Sectors

Some of the key sectors that can benefit from disposable work gloves include:


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