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Rubber Gloves

Disposable Work Gloves

Hand protection is essential to reduce the risk of injury to hands and skin in the workplace. Hands are an extremely vulnerable part of the human body and the skin in this area can be sensitive to materials, substances, textures, and temperatures.


Disposable work gloves are gloves that are intended to be thrown away or ‘disposed’ of after use. This type of work glove is a popular way of ensuring that hands are protected in the workplace.


Available in different materials and styles, you can pick the most suitable disposable work gloves for the specific tasks you intend them to be used for. You could also consider other types of Hand Protection such as Guards and Arm Coverings.


Disposable work gloves can offer some protection against:


  • Lacerations & Cuts

  • Punctures

  • Burns

  • Skin Irritation

PPE disposable Gloves

In sectors such as Healthcare, PPE disposable gloves are used extensively by a range of employees - from nurses, doctors and surgeons to hospital porters and cleaning staff.


Think carefully about the type of tasks that the gloves will be used for. In Hospitality, vinyl gloves are usually used for food handling whereas latex disposable gloves are more appropriate for cleaning with mild chemicals.


PPE Disposable gloves are usually thinner than other types of work gloves which can make them flexible and useful for tasks that require maximum movement and dexterity.


Consider the following when purchasing disposable work gloves:


  • Material: the most popular materials used for disposable gloves are nitrile, latex, and vinyl. The right material for disposable work gloves depends on how the gloves will be used, what substances they will be encountering and the level of dexterity the wearer will require to carry out tasks efficiently.


  • Resistance to chemicals: depending on the environment in which the gloves will be used, they may need to be chemical resistant to protect the hands and skin from harmful irritation.


  • Resistance to temperature: most disposable gloves are intended for indoor settings and do not offer protection against extreme weather conditions.

Key Sectors

Some of the key sectors that can benefit from disposable work gloves include:


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