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Sustainable Workwear

Most companies focus solely on functionality when looking for the best workwear and PPE option. But this is changing with the increasing focus on the environment. It’s true - protective gear should be designed to last. But it should also be made from sustainable materials. 

We’re working to reduce our environmental impact. It’s a key focus from sourcing through to distribution.

Sustainable ppe

With care, some PPE can last years – decades even. Employees can expect to keep things like Hi Visibility clothing, Ear Defenders and Safety Glasses for a large part of their working lives.


However, there are some items where products can only be used once by its very nature. For example, in healthcare. But this doesn’t mean that disposable PPE can’t be sustainable. We’ve also got end of product life options like zero-to-landfill and garment recycling schemes.


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Sustainable Uniforms

Company uniforms are an extension of your brand and unify your employees. With support from our partner brand, Incorporatewear, we create bespoke sustainable uniforms that can be recycled and reused.


A key part of our service is workwear solutions that meet your individual needs. The choice of materials is just one area that we advise on. For example, materials like Gore-Tex are well known to be able to withstand tough weather conditions.


We're specialists in sustainable solutions for:


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