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Sustainable Workwear

When searching for the best workwear and PPE options, most companies focus solely on functionality and safety. However, with an increasing global focus on sustainability, it’s more important than ever to ensure that garments and protective gear are not only designed to last but are made from environmentally friendly fabrics and materials. 

At DCC, our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, in-house expertise and wide range of vetted supply chain partners ensure that from sourcing to distribution, sustainability is always a key focus. As a single source workwear supplier, we take active steps to minimise our impact on the environment and surrounding communities.

Sustainable ppe

Cared for correctly, some Personal Protective Equipment can last for years or even decades. Depending on the type of PPE being used, employees can expect to keep items such as Hi Visibility clothing, Ear Defenders or Safety Glasses for a large part of their working lives.


When choosing the right Personal Protective Equipment for your employees, it’s important to consider the supply chain and manufacturing processes employed to determine whether the products are truly sustainable.


Given the nature of the role that Personal Protective Equipment plays (especially in sectors such as Healthcare), there are instances where a product can only be used once. However, this doesn’t mean that PPE can’t be sustainable. At DCC, we offer extensive end of product life options; from zero-to-landfill schemes to giving garments a new life through rebranding and recycling them for re-use.   

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Sustainable Uniforms

Company uniforms provide both a feeling of belonging for employees and act as an extension of your brand. For this reason, sustainable uniforms can be a tangible demonstration of your commitment to the environment and the future to both customers and employees.


Uniforms are by definition bespoke to the customer and their employees. However, with support from our partner brand, In corporatewear we often create sustainable uniforms that can be recycled and reused within the company across multiple employees.


Our uniforms are also designed for maximum durability and made with high quality materials that won’t break down or become easily damaged. For instance, materials such as Gore-Tex are well known for their ability to withstand tough weather conditions. At DCC, a key part of our service is creating workwear solutions that meet your exact requirements. The choice of materials used is a key area of expertise that we advise on.


While sustainable PPE and workwear can be implemented into almost any sector, we specialise in sustainable solutions for:


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