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Protective Arm Sleeves

Arms are often forgotten about when it comes to Personal Protective Equipment, yet they’re extremely vulnerable to injury and generally exposed to similar risks and hazards as hands.


By using protective arm sleeves, arms can be protected from hazards such as:


  • chemical splashes

  • hot materials

  • electric shocks

  • cuts and abrasions

  • skin irritants


Injuries to arms can often come from employees reaching across machinery or other workers who may be handling rough materials or tools. In extreme circumstances, this can lead to broken bones or loss of limbs.

Safety Arm Sleeves


Well-fitting protective arm sleeves can offer a good level of protection when worn properly.

Arm covers and protective arm sleeves generally cover the exposed skin between the wrist and the elbow.


Without PPE arm covers, employees wearing short sleeved shirts are particularly vulnerable to cuts, punctures, burns and skin irritation.


In industries such as Healthcare, PPE arm covers are often used and disposed of between patients or tasks. They are generally made of polyethylene and are quick and easy to put on.

PPE Arm Covers

Safety arm sleeves are usually sturdier than PPE Arm covers and designed to be worn multiple times. They are often made of similar materials to Safety Work Gloves.


Some of the benefits of safety arm sleeves include:

  • Resistant to puncture from sharps

  • Available in a variety of designs and styles to suit specific tasks

  • Can offer protection from Arc Flash

  • Can be washed and reused


  • Design - different tasks require different levels of protection so look carefully at the best protective arm sleeve design for your needs.


  • Material - most disposable PPE arm covers are made of polyethylene whereas safety arm sleeves are usually made from more durable fabrics.


  • Movement range - depending on the material of the protective arm sleeve, the employee’s movement range may become limited. If dexterity and flexibility is important, look for lightweight fabrics.


  • Temperature control - some safety arm sleeves may use wicking technology to keep employees cool and draw sweat away from the skin.

Key Sectors

Some of the key sectors that can benefit from the use of protective arm sleeves include:


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