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Hearing Protection

Ear Safety & Noise Protection

Too much noise can cause hearing damage, temporary or permanent, and potentially cause complete hearing loss. Sudden or extremely loud noises can cause some of the worst damage. However, hearing damage can also progress over time due to constant noise which is too loud (over 85 db).  

This is why hearing protection is essential PPE in many industries. Prevention is better than cure. With hearing damage, conversations can become difficult, hearing emergency alerts or instructions is problematic, which then puts staff members further at risk. Protecting staff at work from loud noises is far better than dealing with issues after the fact. 

Every hearing protection product will come with an SNR, enabling you to compare the protection offered by different products in order for you to make the best decision. The higher the SNR level, the more protection the product gives. For more information follow this link.

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hearing protection facts


prevention is better than cure

Providing hearing protection is a legal requirement. So, what does the law require? 

  • Provide hearing protectors if employees ask for it due to excessive noise 

  • Provide and make sure employee use the PPE properly when exposed to loud noise 

  • Identify hearing protection zones 

  • Give training and information on how to use and care for the hearing PPE 

  • Ensure proper use and maintenance 

We supply a large range of hearing protection to suit various industries, meeting the requirements of EN352 –1 (Earmuffs), EN352 –2 (Earplugs) and EN352 –3 (Earmuffs attached to safety helmets), 2002. 

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key sectors

Common industries where hearing protection is key 

  • Agriculture 

  • Chemical 

  • Construction  

  • Foundries and Metal Production 

  • Food Processes 

  • Minning 

  • Nuclear  

  • Oil and Gas 

  • Power plants and Electricity 

  • Sand Blasting 

  • Waste and Water 


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Helmet mounted ear defenders

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