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Eye Protection

Eye protection’s the first line of defence for one of the most vulnerable areas. With thousands of injuries a day, it’s especially important for those in contact with chemicals, dust, or metal swarf. 


At Direct Corporate Clothing, we’ve everything you need to keep your employees safe.

BS EN 166 compliant

All safety eyewear has been tested and passes the requirements set for this standard.

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Eye Protection PPE

The most appropriate form of eye protection depends on the industry and hazards involved. It can be all too easy to forget the needs of the employee here. But we can also supply eye protection to your employees who need to wear it alongside their prescription glasses.


  • Raise awareness around eye protection PPE by holding training sessions and offering employees access to information about its importance.

  • Identify specific situations when eye related PPE must be worn by conducting regular risk assessments

  • Where possible, standardise the equipment used across sites to ensure that all employee safety needs are met throughout your organisation.

  • Select the most appropriate type of eye protection PPE dependent on the hazards involved and the needs of the employee.

  • Offer employees training on the correct way to wear and to care for eye related PPE.


It’s always important to consider the individual needs of the employee and the specific circumstances in which they’ll be working. DCC can also supply eye protection to employees who require prescription eyewear.

Key Sectors

We specialise in PPE and workwear solutions tailored to the exacting requirements of the sector.


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Prescription eyewear

Due to our phenomenal supply chain partners, we’re able to provide prescription eye protection. 

Eye Protection Products

Rest assured that all eye protection products we offer are BS EN 166 compliant and have passed the requirements set for this standard - giving you the peace of mind that you’re buying the best:


  • Safety Glasses

  • Safety Goggles

  • Safety Visors

  • Prescription Eyewear Protection


Explore our full range and take every precaution possible to protect your vision.

Safety Glasses

Safety Goggles

Face Guards


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