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Eye & Face Protection

Safety glasses, Goggles, face shields and visors

It’s a sad trust, but there’s not much of the sight returning to normal once it’s damaged. That’s why protecting the eyes and face from chemicals, vapours, radiation, dust, or projectiles is so important. Wearing PPE prevents damage or injury that could cause loss of eyesight.

Here at Direct Corporate Clothing, we’ve got the gear for every working condition and hazard. Safety spectacles, goggles, face screens, face shields, visors and more. 

BS EN 166 compliant

All safety eyewear has been tested and passes the requirements set for this standard.

Prevent injury

First things first, conducting a risk assessment of the workplace is the first port of call to identify when to wear eye-related PPE. Then, hazards can be removed or reduced if possible. After this, if the risk is still present, employers are obligated to supply the appropriate safety eyewear and facial protection to their employees.

The appropriate PPE will depend on:


  • The working hazard 

  • The potential need to wear other PPE 

  • The wearer’s personal circumstances, like wearing prescription glasses

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Prescription eyewear

If you need eye protection for a staff member who wears prescription glasses, we can help.


Safety Glasses

Safety Goggles

Face Guards


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