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Eye & Face Protection

Safety glasses & Goggles, face shields and more!

Protecting your eyes and face is critical when working with hazards such as chemicals, gas, vapours, radiation, dust or projectiles. Wearing Eye and Face protection will prevent damage or injury which can potentially cause skins issues or loss of eyesight. Once your sight is gone or skin is damaged there’s little chance that it would return to normal. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. 

Here at DCC, we have a variety of protection available to suit each and every working condition and potential hazard. Safety spectacles, goggles, face screens, face shields and visors are all available. 

BS EN 166 compliant

All safety eyewear has been tested and passes the appropriate basic mandatory requirements set for this standard.

Prevent injury

One of the biggest barriers to preventing injury is awareness and training. These aspects are also key to keeping your staff safe. Informing employees of the correct way to wear and look after their PPE is essential. If you need support in doing this your dedicated Contract Account Manager will be able to help.  

Identifying when to wear eye-related PPE is the most important step of the process. Conducting a risk assessment of the workplace would be the first point of call. Then, to remove or reduce hazards where possible. If the risk is still apparent employers much then provide the appropriate safety eyewear and facial protection. 

Key points to acknowledge when selecting safety eyewear: 

  • The working hazard 

  • The potential need to wear other PPE 

  • The wearer’s personal circumstances 

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Prescription eyewear

If you need to supply eye protection to a staff member who requires prescription eyewear, we can help. Due to our phenomenal supply chain partners, we are able to provide prescription eye protection. 


Safety Glasses

Safety Goggles

Face Guards


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