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  • Emily Hyde

How to ... care for safety gloves.

Here at DCC we take pride if offering some of the best PPE in the country. We work with the UK's top suppliers and want to make sure that you and your employees stay safe at work.

Safety hand protection is a large part of our offering, from bio-degradable disposable gloves to high level cut resistant gloves and more. In order to keep you protected you will also need to know how to care for and maintain your safety gloves.

Directly from one of our suppliers, Uvex, we share with you top tips on caring for your safety gloves.

1. Check for damage. Do not wear damaged gloves.

2. Check the size.

3. Remove gloves by pulling them inside out from the wrist to keep any contaminant contained

4. Wash hands thoroughly.

5. Put a fresh (or washed) pair of gloves on each time.

6. Discard or store appropriately.

7. Wash the gloves at the end of the day and allow to air dry.

8. Wash and sanitise hands after handling soiled gloves.

If you would like to find out more about our glove range get in touch with our sales team and they will happily talk through your requirements.


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