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wORK ear Plugs

PPE Ear plugs

The workplace can be loud. There’s the machinery, conversations, and dropped items. This is particularly true when you work in construction or manufacturing.


If someone’s around noise of 85 decibels or more, their hearing can be damaged or lost. This can be sudden. But most of the time, it’s progressive from repeated and continuous exposure.


Ear plugs are an affordable PPE solution to block the noise and protect the hearing of employees.


Earplugs are inserted into the outer ear canal. Used right, they’ll seal them from sound.


All of our hearing protection meets the European standards:


  • EN352 –1 (Earmuffs)

  • EN352 –2 (Earplugs)

  • EN352 –3 (Earmuffs attached to safety helmets), 2002



Ear plugs should be easy to insert and comfortable to wear. The key features to look for when choosing ear plugs are:

Types of ear plug

They can be disposable, corded, or banded.



Disposable earplugs tend to be made of memory foam. Whereas corded and banded ear plugs are usually polyurethane for durability and comfort.



Ear plugs are inserted into the ear canal. Those with a narrower passage often find it easier to roll the ear plug before trying to put it in.


Key sectors

Key sectors where work ear plugs are most widely used include:


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