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Eye Protection Goggles

Eye protection goggles can be worn in conjunction with other PPE, like face screens, shields, and visors.


Wearing the appropriate protection dramatically reduces the risk of damage to the eyes and loss of sight.


They’re efficient in cases of:


  • Chemical splashes

  • Gases, vapours, and radiation

  • Dust

  • Projectiles

BS EN 166 compliant

All safety eyewear has been tested and passes the requirements for this standard.

Worker with Goggles

PPE Goggles


Eye protection goggles are affordable, easy to wear and effective immediately.


We also have solutions for employees who need to wear prescription eyewear alongside their PPE.


Scratch resist

Scratches to the lenses are very common due to the number of times they’re taken off and on. But these scratches can reduce visibility over time.


Side protection

In general, goggles protect the sides of the face more than glasses.


Fog free

As any prescription wearers will tell you, the lenses of any glasses can quickly fog up. This is not only distracting, but dangerous for the employee in the case of PPE.


Impact resistant

Small chips of material can be thrown into the air unexpectedly, especially on building sites. Any safety goggles should be resistant to impacts.

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