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Eye Protection Goggles

Eye protection goggles help to protect the eyes from a variety of hazards within the workplace environment. They can be worn in conjunction with other PPE such as Face Screens, Face Shields and Visors.


Wearing appropriate Eye and Face Protection can dramatically reduce the risk of injury, damage to the eyes and loss of sight.


Hazards that eye protection goggles can help to protect against include:


  • Harmful chemical splashes

  • Gases, vapors and radiation

  • Dust particles

  • Projectiles

BS EN 166 compliant

All safety eyewear has been tested and passes the appropriate basic mandatory requirements set for this standard.

Worker with Goggles

PPE Goggles


Eye protection goggles should be an essential part of an employee’s Personal Protective Equipment. They are affordable, easy to wear and effective immediately.


It’s important to carry out an internal risk assessment to identify when and where PPE goggles should be worn in the workplace.


Raising awareness about the importance of Eye Protection and the consequences of failing to protect eyesight should help to encourage the wearing of PPE glasses.


Employees should be trained in the best way to wear PPE goggles as well as how to clean and maintain them to ensure they continue to work effectively. DCC can help provide solutions for employees who wear prescription eyewear and still require PPE goggles.


All Eye Protection including Eye Protection goggles from DCC is BS EN 166 compliant. Some other features you may want to consider include:


  • Scratch Resistance: due to the frequency with which goggles are taken on and off, scratches to the lens are very common. Aim to find a scratch resistant lens to avoid a reduction in visibility for employees.


  • Side protection: eye protection goggles generally offer more protection to the side of the face than PPE glasses. Aim to find a goggle design with good side protection for your employee.


  • Fog free: depending on the workplace environment, the lenses of eye protection goggles can quickly fog up which is distracting and dangerous for the employee. Finding a fog free lens will enable more efficient work.


  • High impact resistant: goggles should be resistant to high impact. This will offer eye protection from projectiles such as chips of material that can fly up unexpectedly.

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