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Hand Protection

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We take our hands for granted. But they’re a vulnerable part of the body used widely throughout the day. To save them from injury while working, protection should be worn. Gloves, guards, and arm coverings should be used whenever there’s potential that hands are exposed to harsh weather or dangerous situations. 


  • Lacerations & Cuts 

  • Punctures 

  • Burns 

  • Skins Irritation 

  • Strains & Sprains 

  • Broke & Fractured Bones 

  • Amputations 


Variety of Hand protection

We know there are many different hazards in the workplace, so we supply protective wear against any and all risks. 


  • Anti-vibration 

  • Cold temperatures

  • Colour coded 

  • Cut resistant 

  • Disposable gloves - nitrile, latex or vinyl 

  • General handling 

  • Heat resistant 

  • Nitrile chemical, PVC, or rubber gloves 

  • PU coated 

  • Puncture/Pierce resistant 

  • Riggers 

  • Welder’s gauntlets 

Cut level

We’ve a range of gloves at all levels of cut protection. All gloves have a cut level indicator.


The European Commission’s EN 388 standard includes the Coup Test.

Each pair’s assigned a number between 0 and 5, wherein 5 is the most cut resistant. This test compares the fabric’s cut resistance to that of cotton.


The second test under the EN 388 standard is the TDM-100, which indicates how many newtons/grams a glove can withstand from a blade before it comes through.


For the highest level of protection, choose a glove with a 5 or F cut level rating.



Safety Gloves


Disposable Gloves

c500 arm covering.PNG

Arm Coverings

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