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Work Safety gLASSES

Eye protection is often overlooked, but damage to the eyes is a serious matter which can lead to sight loss.


It’s not just about glare, or visibility. Work safety glasses can also protect against:


  • Harmful chemicals

  • Gases, vapours, and radiation

  • Dust


Prevention is key, and with the right PPE, employees can work safely and efficiently.

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It’s obligatory for employers to supply PPE to employees when the risk of injury during work can’t be reduced or removed.


The type of safety glasses needed depends on the hazards that staff are likely to come across. Plus, their individual needs. This might mean:


  • Safety spectacles

  • Safety goggles

  • Face shields

  • Visors


Two available designs of safety glasses:


  • Spectacle glasses that hook over the ears

  • Safety work goggles that have a headband to keep them in place

  • Durability - PPE such as disposable face shields which help to protect the eyes are usually disposable and made from quality materials

Safety glasses are designed to be durable and to withstand being worn daily. Plus, our face shields and visors are made from thermoplastics, making them disposable.


You can rest assured that all our safety eyewear is BS EN 166 compliant.


We’re also able to create specially designed pieces for those with prescription glasses.

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