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Work Safety gLASSES

Eye Protection is essential in the workplace to protect the sight of employees and avoid issues such as loss of sight or skin damage.


Work safety glasses are used in several sectors from Aggregates and Construction to Transport and Logistics. Prevention is key, and with the right training and PPE employees can aim to work safely and efficiently.


Some of the hazards that work safety glasses can help to protect against include:


  • Harmful chemicals

  • Gases, vapours and radiation

  • Dust

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DCC offers a range of PPE glasses such as Safety Spectacles and Goggles alongside general Face Protection including Face Shields and Visors.


Carrying out a risk assessment to determine when PPE glasses need to be worn is an important step to take in protecting employees from potential hazards. If risks cannot be removed or reduced, it’s essential that employees are provided with the appropriate safety glasses for the tasks they carry out.


The best type of PPE glasses will be determined by the type of hazards the employee is likely to encounter in their specific role as well as any individual needs that the employee may have.


Training employees about the correct way to wear PPE glasses and when they are most at risk will help to reduce accidents.


  • ​Design - work safety glasses usually come in two specific designs.


Spectacle glasses hook over the ears and are taken on and off by pulling them off the front of the face.


Safety work goggles have a headband that goes around the back of the head to keep them in place and are removed by lifting them over the head.


  • Durability - PPE such as disposable face shields which help to protect the eyes are usually disposable and made from thermoplastics. However most work safety glasses are designed to be durable and to withstand being worn daily.


  • Specific requirements - all our safety eyewear is BS EN 166 compliant.


DCC is also able to assist with employees who have prescription eyewear and require specially designed safety glasses and goggles.

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