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Waste Management Clothing

Workers in the recycling and waste disposal industry can come across various hazards depending on their job role. Operatives will also be out in all weather conditions, from hot summer days to the ice-cold winter mornings. For this reason, we offer a variety of workwear and PPE options to suit the needs of your staff and comply with protective regulations.  


It’s essential for you to provide a reliable service, we know collections and drop-offs are timed to perfection so you don’t want anything holding your team back, especially workwear. That’s why we work with you to ensure that your workwear wardrobe suits your specific requirements.  

Waste PPE


Protective clothing and correct PPE are crucial when dealing with waste due to the various items that workers could potentially come across; from liquids to sharps, heavy items to hazardous materials, individuals need suitable protection for every occasion.  


With all this in mind, we can assure you that we have the capability to form the workwear wardrobe needed for all staff. As well as hi-visibility and reflective clothing, the options extend further with our diversity range including maternity workwear to entirely bespoke garments. We don’t just stop at clothing, we provide a whole range of head-to-toe PPE too; from helmets to footwear, we are able to create a full personalised catalogue of workwear. 


Many teams within the waste and recycling industry are always in the eye of the public. Therefore, it is of the greatest importance that the workwear not only protects the worker but ensures that they are recognisable and appear professional. With our embellishment capabilities, we can brand and label workwear to suit various areas of your organisation.  


Our offering extends further, we are also able to supply you with corporate clothing for office-based and customer-facing roles which require such uniform. Items can be branded or bespoke pieces created then added to your workwear wardrobe which can be ordered through an online portal.



Cut-resistant gloves


Protective Eyewear

Respiratory Protection

Waterproof Clothing



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