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Waste Management Clothing

By its very nature, those working in recycling and waste disposal can come into contact with unsanitary byproducts. Operatives can also be out in all weather, from hot summer days to ice-cold winter mornings.


Fortunately, we’ve got a wide range of workwear and PPE to suit the needs of your staff and keep them protected.  


We know collections and drop-offs are timed to perfection so you can’t afford anything holding your team back, especially their uniform.

Waste PPE


For those on the ground – dealing with the potential hazard of sharps and bodily fluids – protective clothing and PPE are a must. From helmets to footwear, we’re able to create a full personalised catalogue of workwear


With our embellishment capabilities, we can brand and label workwear to suit all areas of your organisation. Office-based and customer-facing uniforms can also be customised, or bespoke pieces created.



Cut-resistant gloves


Protective Eyewear

Respiratory Protection

Waterproof Clothing



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