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Logistics &

Logistics Uniforms and Warehouse workwear

We know that you need to ensure your people look the part and feel the part, wherever they work within the business. Although they may not spend most of their time in customer-facing roles we know the importance of still being a part of the team and looking professional. 


Our vast supply chain allows us to present a variety of options to suit the different needs of your workforce. Within the logistics and warehouse environments, you need durable garments and footwear. Items that are comfortable and will allow for a good range of movement for the many manual tasks your team complete.  

Warehouse PPE

As well as general workwear, we offer a range of PPE, supplying you with head to toe protection is what we do best. Whether that’s a pair of gloves, a hi-vis vest or safety helmets and boots. 


General Workwear

Hi-visibility clothing

Reflective clothing

Safety footwear

PPE; helmets, gloves etc.


Technical footwear

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