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Head Protection

Head Protection PPE

Head protection is required throughout many different industries where there is a risk of falling objects, collapsing structures, restricted headspace, working from height or protruding objects. If any of these is a risk to employees or visitors, head protection should be provided. 

Here at Direct Corporate Clothing, we supply two main types of head protection: Industrial Safety Helmets and Bump Caps. Industrial Safety Helmets protect against all risks mentioned above. Bump Caps protect workers against bumping the head e.g. walking into a fixed object and can prevent hair from getting caught in machinery or moving parts. Bump caps do not offer adequate protection against all risks. 

head protection must

  • Be in good condition and fit for purpose 

  • Be thrown away if damaged 

  • Fit the person wearing it and be worn properly 

  • Not prevent hearing protection from being worn 

  • Only be obtained from a reputable supplier 

setting the standard

Industrial safety helmets that comply with standard EN 397 meet the following safety requirements: 

  • Vertical shock absorption 

  • Penetration resistance 

  • Flame resistance 

  • Chinstrap attachment 

In addition to these, optional performance is offered with the following protection characteristics:- 

Molten Metal (applies only to unvented shell helmets), Low Temperature Performance, Ultra Low Temperature Performance, Lateral Deformation, Flame Resistance and Electrical Insulation (applies only to unvented shell helmets).


helmet care

Any helmet showing signs of damage to the shell should be replaced.


Although there is no legislation regarding the expected lifespan of safety helmets, DCC strongly recommend that helmets are replaced every five years.


A helmet is worn every day for safety purposes. Wear and tear will gradually reduce the level of protection.



Safety Helmets

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Bump caps

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General headwear

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