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construction workwear

The construction industry consists of those who build and engineer various infrastructures. Working within this industry requires safety equipment and clothing that meets the highest of standards to ensure you are fully protected at work. 

 According to the Office of National Statistics, construction output grew by 1.6% in the month-on-month all work series in February 2021. Showing us that the construction industry is growing, with that being said we are here to ensure that safety is paramount. 

Construction PPE

Here at DCC, we know that Construction workwear needs to be tough and durable. We ensure that you’re supplied with quality garments which last. Construction workers are always on the move, therefore, the workwear needs to be fit for purpose, whatever the weather and whatever the hazard. 

Here at DCC, we can provide High Vis Apparel, Coveralls, Fire Protection, Hard Hats, Footwear, Safety Wear, Eye Protection, Gloves, Knee Pads, Ear defenders, you name it we can supply the full safety clothing package. 


General apparel


Safety clothing


Safety footwear

Reflective clothing

Flame Retardant

Hand and head protection​

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