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Safety Clothing

High-quality, well-fitting safety clothing is critical to working safely and efficiently in many industries.


The best safety clothing is determined by the sector you work in, the type of work being carried out and the individual’s own needs. There are typically legal requirements and regulations to adhere to, which can vary depending on the industry and the type of work being undertaken.


Comfort is also key when it comes to safety clothing. By choosing well designed products tailored to the needs of individuals and specific roles, employees will be more inclined to wear the recommended safety clothing in the correct way and reduce their chance of both accidents or exposure to harmful substances or other hazards.

Safety Workwear

There are numerous benefits to ensuring all employees wear well-made safety workwear appropriate to the specific tasks being carried out.


Some of the benefits include:


  • Injury Prevention


Safety workwear such as Hi Visibility clothing or reflective trousers offer potentially lifesaving visibility to those working in sectors such as Rail or Utilities. Safety footwear can offer anti slip protection and help reduce the chance of injuries caused by uneven terrain or hazardous chemical exposure


  • Maintaining Compliance


Employers failing to provide employees with the correct safety workwear could face enforcement action or be found to be in breach of Health and Safety laws. This can result in fines or imprisonment and reputational damage that has tangible impacts on a company’s ability to secure new contracts


  • Improving Reputation


Safety clothing can help to ensure that all employees look professional, on-brand and are well protected. Sending employees to work without adequate safety clothing will reflect poorly on your brand while significantly increasing the risk of injury.


Employees who are well cared for and provided with appropriate safety clothing are likely to be happier, more productive, and to perform better at work.


The key features to look for when choosing the best safety clothing for a task or individual will often be determined by the sector or type of role being carried out.


Some of the main features that employees will benefit from include:


  • Hi-Visibility

  • Arc Flash rated

  • Fire Retardant

  • Waterproof

  • Reflective

  • Durable

  • Flexible

  • Breathable

  • Anti-slip

  • Chemical resistant

Key Sectors


Some of the main sectors where safety clothing is essential to safe working include:


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