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Railway Clothing

Rail PPE and workwear is mandatory while workers are in the vicinity of a railway. This is to ensure workers are visible at all times. Some work on the tracks is undertaken when no trains are running. However, much of the work happens on active railways throughout both day and night and in different weather conditions. Therefore, meaning that various hazards and dangers are present and it’s important the highest levels of visibility and safety are maintained.

In this industry, we all know that railway workers must wear Orange High Visibility clothing which meets RIS-3279 TOM standards set by the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB).

We offer a wide range of rail workwear which meets these standards. Products include Bib and Braces, Overalls, Coveralls, Bodywarmers, Jackets, T-shirts, Trousers, Waistcoats.

Railway PPE


Alongside our clothing range at DCC we also supply personal protective equipment (PPE). Head-to-toe protection, from hard hats to safety footwear, providing the essential items to meet your requirements.

Our team takes the time to listen and understand your operation to provide the best solution possible. Sympathising with you that railway work needs to be completed in various conditions. Therefore, our rail workwear range is not only RSSB approved but also possess features such as breathability, high waterproofing levels, lightweight, reflective, thermal layers etc. Providing a diverse range of products is key to suit all employees and keep everybody safe while working on the railways.

As with all sectors, our corporate clothing range of uniform is also available to those that do not require technical workwear.

We are proud to work with an exceptional portfolio of large blue-chip clients throughout the UK. Supplying them with technical workwear, PPE and corporate clothing, and in some cases bespoke uniform requirements. All of which have a dedicated internal client care team and a seamless ordering process.


Orange Hi-Vis

Safety Workwear

RIS-3279 TOM


Safety footwear

Flame Retardant



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