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Safety Visors  & Shields

From construction and waste to healthcare and hospitality, safety visors are used across many industries. They cover the face and can be used in conjunction with safety goggles or glasses in the case of:


  • Chemical splashes

  • Flying objects or projectiles

  • Radiation

  • Arc flash

  • Extreme heat


Protecting the face is essential to avoid injury and skin damage. Safety visors help to extend protection to the whole face rather than other types of PPE that focus on just the eyes or nose and mouth.

alpha face protection.jpg

ppe face shields

PPE face shields are used in healthcare settings where they shield against bodily fluids. They’re also used in aggregates, manufacturing and construction where workers might be working with molten metal or caustic liquids.


Carrying out internal risk assessments can determine when face shields are needed and if they should be used alongside safety goggles or glasses.


Size and Shape

Safety visors should cover the mouth, nose, and sides of the face. It should also extend to the base of the chin.



In some sectors, visors are unlikely to be reused. But face shields can be disinfected and last if cared for.

Key Sectors


It’s important to protect the face area in all sectors, however safety visors are often used in:


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