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Safety Helmets

Safety Helmets & Hard Hats

Head injuries can be extremely dangerous and even life threatening, so if you work in an industry with any risk of falling objects, it’s critical that you equip your workers with appropriate head protection that adheres to the relevant standards.  

Head Protection options generally include: 

  •  Safety Helmets which can provide protection from protruding objects as well as falling objects or even collapsing structures within a building.  Most safety helmets will also offer some level of water resistance. 

  • Bump Caps which can provide protection against the small impacts incurred when bumping into a stationary object.  

Prevention is key when it comes to Head Protection. Safety helmets should not only be worn by employees -you must ensure that any visitors to the workplace are also adequately protected from risks or hazards. 

Safety helmets that comply with standard EN 397 meet the following safety requirements: 

  •  Vertical shock absorption 

  •  Penetration resistance 

  • Flame resistance 

  •  Chinstrap attachment 


Safety helmets should be viewed as a key part of Personal Protective Equipment. For them to provide adequate head protection they should be:


  •  Kept in good condition 

  •  Disposed of if they become damaged

  • Properly fitted to the individual wearer

  • Obtained from a reputable supplier

  •  Enable the wearer to also wear hearing protection (e.g. ear defenders) if required

  • Replaced after 5 years 


We supply a comprehensive range of products from a wide range of suppliers to provide the exact PPE package our customers need. Some of the key features to look for when purchasing safety helmets include: 

  • Material:

Safety helmets usually have a hard shell, with an inner harness that provides cushioning between the head and the inner part of the shell. 

  • Chinstrap and Sweatband:

Safety helmets should have a chin strap to hold the helmet securely in place. Employees will also benefit from safety helmets with a sweatband to absorb sweat which can otherwise get into the eyes and distract from tasks. 

  •  Durability:

The approximate life span of a safety helmet should not extend 5 years although there is no legislation regarding this.

Wear and tear will inevitably occur due to the environment in which safety helmets are used and the tasks they are often used for. You may need to replace the inner cushioning of the helmet prior to the hard shell.

Whether you’re unsure of the head protection you need or have a certain spec / product in mind, please contact us and we’ll advise on the right solution for you.



Head protection is mandatory in any sector or environment where there are risks of falling objects. While we can meet any PPE requirement, we specialise in devising comprehensive solutions to protect people in the following industries:




Safety Helmets

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