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Safety Helmets

Safety Helmets & Hard Hats

Head injuries can be life threatening. Any industry where there’s risk of falling objects should equip their workers (and visitors) with appropriate head protection. For example, ‘hard hats’.


Options for head protection generally fall into one of two categories.

Safety Helmets protect from protruding or falling objects. For example, those within a collapsing structure. 


As the name suggests, Bump Caps are useful in the case of small impacts, like bumping into brick wall.


Safety helmets that are EN 397 standard have the following:

  • Vertical shock absorption 

  • Penetration resistance 

  • Flame resistance 

  • Chinstrap attachment 


Safety helmets are part of a catalogue of Personal Protective Equipment. But for them to continue being protective over time, they should be:


  • Kept in good condition 

  • Disposed of if they become damaged

  • Properly fitted to the wearer

  • Bought from a reputable supplier

  • Replaced every 5 years at most


Our comprehensive range of helmets are designed to meet the needs of our customers. If you’re unsure what to look for in safety helmets, this might help:


Chinstrap and Sweatband

Any safety helmet should have a chin strap to hold it in place. But employees see massive benefit from an integrated sweatband – it just avoids it getting into the eyes, burning and distracting.


Wear and tear happens. For longevity, look for a helmet where you can replace the inner cushioning – this inevitably goes before the outside.

If you’re still not sure, or have a certain spec in mind, let us know – we’re here to offer advice on the right solution.



Head protection is obligatory in any sector or environment where there’s a risk of falling objects:




Safety Helmets

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Bump caps

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General headwear

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