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DCC corporate values

professional - quality - reliable - responsible

Here at DCC we set ourselves these 4 core values so you understand a little more about us as people and our company culture. These values support the vision and mission of DCC enabling us to champion health and safety.


At DCC we are professional in the way we work throughout the entire organisation, from our warehouse operations to senior management and directors.

With professionalism comes integrity, consistency and adaptability. Our professional approach to all situations ensures that we are always honest with our clients, that we are transparent about any issues and will do all we can to provide a solution. This approach to our work also ensures that we offer a consistent service. DCC account managers regularly check in with clients to maintain the relationship and a high level of service. Being adaptable to situations means we will always be able to provide you with a solution.


Our people and our products are of top quality.

We recognise the need for this characteristic when it comes to hiring talented and knowledgeable employees. We believe that our staff are some of the best in the business. From our warehouse team and customer services through to management and directors, they know their stuff.

Quality also lies within our excellent product offering. Our team will manage your requirements and find the most suitable item that fits your specification. There’s also quality in the DCC supply chain. The vertically integrated nature of our business means that we have close relations with our group manufacturer and others throughout our network of suppliers.


Being reliable means that we are dependable, echoing our consistency in quality.
You can be certain that our team will deliver. You can depend on DCC when it comes to providing the right workwear and protection for your staff.

As a company, our staff can rely on us for assistance and help too. As a client, you can trust in us to supply the necessary workwear for your staff, you can be confident in the garments and PPE we supply are entirely fit for purpose.


We are responsible in all areas of business; procurement, manufacturing, operations and employment. We make ourselves accountable.

Here at DCC we take responsibility for the way our actions impact the environment and the community.
This core value lies within all our operations whether it’s hiring a new employee, sourcing a product or just recycling waste, every little action makes an impact.

We work hard to improve our sustainability as a business, and each year we improve. We now have suppliers providing carbon-neutral products, our manufacturing facilities hold highly recognised eco accreditations and we are working on how the DCC HQ can improve its carbon footprint. We take accountability of all we do.

Ethical Trading Initiative’s Nine Principles Base Code

  • Employment is freely chosen

  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected

  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic

  • Child labour shall not be used

  • Living wages are paid

  • Working hours are not excessive

  • No discrimination is practised

  • Regular employment is provided

  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

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