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Hi-Visibility clothing

Hi-Vis workwear

It’s imperative that workers remain visible in dangerous environments where there are high levels of risk. Day or night, workers should be visible to each other in order to avoid risk and injury. When there’s a turn in the weather and it starts to rain or heavy snow, high-visibility garments will ensure that workers are still visible and safe.  

BS EN 471 compliant

Hi-visibility clothing must be manufactured to meet the British Standard EN 471. This is a harmonised European standard produced with the legal requirements for PPE in mind.


avoid employee injuries

This range of hi-vis clothing will ensure that your staff of both comfortable and protected at work. 

As a supplier to various industries, we understand the need for our range to include both yellow hi-vis and orange hi-vis clothing. For example, you will see many workers within the utility industry in yellow hi-vis, yet in the rail industry, it’s mandatory that orange hi-vis is worn.  

Our range also includes hi-vis maternity clothing and bespoke garment options. Everyone deserves the same level of protection on-site and be able to continue their work as long as they are fit to do so. Workwear and clothing should not be a barrier to this.  

With one of the widest ranges of workwear in the UK, you can be sure that we will be able to kit out your entire team with some of the best workwear in the industry.  

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Going one step further

We can go one step further than most, and also make bespoke pieces to suit your exact needs. Find out more about our bespoke workwear by getting in touch with our team













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