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Safety Work Gloves

Our hands are vital for carrying out everyday tasks and it’s essential that they are always protected in the workplace. Hands are an extremely vulnerable part of our body which we use constantly throughout the day and often take for granted.


Hands and skin can be immediately protected by wearing good quality safety work gloves when:


  • Working with hazardous materials

  • Working in extreme temperatures or harsh weather

  • Working with sharp machinery or tools


Failing to protect the hands can lead to injuries, loss of movement and even amputation. DCC can provide Hand Protection options including Gloves, Guards and Arm Coverings.

PPE Gloves

Designed to protect hands from risks within the workplace environment, PPE gloves are affordable and easy to wear.


PPE gloves can provide protection against a wide range of potential risks including:


  • Lacerations and cuts: always check the cut level number on any pair of gloves that offers protection

  • Punctures from sharps

  • Burns

  • Skin irritation

  • Muscle strains

  • Fractured or broken bones

  • Amputation


Offering employees training about when and how to wear PPE gloves will help to raise awareness about the importance of keeping hands safe from hazards.



Depending on the sector you work in, and the activities carried out, there are several key features to look for when choosing the right PPE gloves.


  • Material: Disposable gloves are generally made from materials such as nitrile, latex or vinyl. PVC and rubber are popular materials for reusable gloves.


  • Durability: consider the conditions the gloves will be used in, how long they are used for and the frequency with which they are used. Some sectors such as Healthcare will require disposable gloves more often than durable safety work glove options.


  • Resistance: consider whether the gloves need to be heat, cut or pierce resistant. You may also want to look at Anti-vibration options to offer protection to those operating machinery


  • Range of movement offered: PU coated gloves are a popular PPE glove designed for those needing to make precise movements. Consider the tasks that gloves will be used for.

Key Sectors

Some of the key sectors that can benefit from the use of PPE gloves include:




Safety Gloves


Disposable Gloves

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