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respirator Masks

Respiratory Protection Equipment saves lives by stopping diseases spreading. It can also prevent exposure to gases and dust that’s known to cause lung damage and associated illness.


All employees should have the appropriate RPE to protect them. The right fit is important for any type of PPE, but it becomes critical here. It’s easy to see why when breathing depends on it.

Respirator PPE

Respirator PPE can be split into two categories.


The filters in respirators trap contaminants, stopping them being breathed in. They’re needed when employees are carrying out tasks that could release foreign particles. For example, cutting and welding.


Breathing apparatus’ supply clean air from an external source. They’re needed when oxygen levels might drop or are limited from the off. For example, employees that work in confined spaces.


Situations when Respiratory Protection will be required include:


  • When employees are carrying out tasks such as cutting a material, handling a dusty powder, or welding stainless steels. All of these can result in harmful substances being released and contaminating the surrounding air. Respirators act as a filtering device for these contaminants and prevent them from being inhaled.


  • When oxygen levels drop or are limited such as when employees are working in confined spaces, especially for prolonged periods of time.


The correct fit is important for any type of PPE, yet it becomes critical with Respirator PPE. A poorly fitted or incorrectly used respirator mask will not work efficiently.

Construction Workers


Different masks have different levels of protection from contaminants.


Check that the mask that you’re considering buying meets the legislative requirements:


  • Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012

  • Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002

  • Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999

  • Confined Spaces Regulations 1997

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Key Sectors

One of the most obvious sectors where respirator masks are required is Healthcare.


However, the following sectors may also require Respiratory Protection Equipment in day-to-day operations:



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Breathing Apparatus



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