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Safety Ear Defenders

PPE Ear Defenders

Ear safety and protection against excessive noise is extremely important when it comes to deciding on the best PPE for your workplace environment.


Without using PPE such as safety ear defenders, employees could suffer from:


  • Temporary or Permanent Hearing Damage

  • Complete Hearing Loss


Damage to employee hearing can extend risks within your organisation. They may struggle to hear simple instructions or fail to notice when a fire alarm is sounding.


Although sudden, high decibel noises can cause severe damage to hearing, it’s important to understand that hearing damage can also worsen over time with constant exposure to loud noise (over 85 decibels).


Ear defenders should be included as part of the Personal Protective Equipment for employees in a wide range of sectors.


At DCC we offer a range of hearing protection to suit various industries and to meet the following requirements:


  • EN352 –1 (Earmuffs)

  • EN352 –2 (Earplugs)

  • EN352 –3 (Earmuffs attached to safety helmets), 2002


Always make sure that employees understand the potential consequences of failing to wear hearing protection by offering training and demonstrations.

Work Ear Defenders


The best type of work ear defenders will depend on the type of work that is being carried out and potential noise levels of the workplace environment.


To work out which work ear defenders will be most effective for you, consider the Single Number Rating (SNR) of the item.


This determines the protection level offered- making it easy to compare different hearing protection options.



When deciding on the best ear defenders for your specific requirements, consider:


  • Level of protection offered: remember to avoid any protectors that may overprotect from noise and lead to safety issues.


  • Design: some ear defenders are secured using a headband while others can be clipped onto equipment such as a hard hat.


  • Material: ear defenders should be durable, yet the cushioned cups must be breathable to prevent build-up of heat and humidity.


  • Weight and Size: it’s important to ensure the ear cups will fully cover your ear whilst still being lightweight and comfortable.

key sectors

Key sectors where safety ear defenders are most widely used include:


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