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PPE clothing Supplier

PPE Supplier

One of the most important aspects of safety that an organisation must provide is personal protective equipment. PPE protects users from harm and risk in the workplace.

As a PPE clothing supplier based in the UK, we specialise in contract services. Our values includes providing competitive pricing, unmatched service, and a robust infrastructure, all driven by the aspiration to succeed under the guidance of experienced management.


You can count on us for top-quality products and sustainable PPE solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Different situations will require different levels of regulations and compliance. As a PPE supplier, DCC will help you understand what it is that you require, if you don’t already know, then source and supply the necessary items.

Trusted Provider

Ensuring that our clients have access to high-quality personal protective equipment that can be tailored to their individual needs is our top focus as a reliable UK PPE supplier.

With multiple years of experience in the PPE industry, we have developed a great relationship with many of the top UK brands.


Our own manufacturer is also certified to produce a range of PPE. Therefore this means that our PPE offering is extensive and of exceptional quality.

PPE Specialists

To understand and be able to select the appropriate PPE for the hazard you need to know;

  • What is the risk?

  • Who is exposed?

  • What hazard are they exposed to?

  • For how long will they be exposed?

  • The level and amount of the hazard they are exposed to.


Our team are on hand to assist you in finding the right protective equipment for the job.


However, employees must also take responsibility for this.


Head protection

Eye protection

Hearing Protection

Respiratory Protection

Skin Protection

Safety Footwear

Safety Clothing

Meets regulations

COVID-19 protection


PPE Sectors

facilities management
Transport & logistics
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