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General Hats

Unisex Headwear

Regardless of their style and design, general hats can often provide some level of head protection. Designed with a curved brim can help to protect the eyes from sunlight whilst warm woolen hats can prevent heat loss in winter.


Although Safety Helmets usually offer the highest level of Head Protection, general hats can provide:

  • Protection from extreme temperatures

  • Protection of the eyes from strong sunlight

  • Protection of the face, ears, and neck from cold


Hats can often protect employees by holding back long hair which can otherwise get caught in moving parts of machinery or fall across the face and obscure vision.


Many hats and types of headwear are considered unisex, making them easily interchangeable between male and female employees.


Adjustable features such as chin straps on some types of headwear are useful in enabling any employee to wear it by quickly adapting it to suit the size and shape of their head.


At DCC we offer unisex headwear that is easy to customise with a variety of different colours and styles available. Headwear can be customised to display your company branding or logo.


Look out for different features including:


  • Material


Think when and how the hat will be used.


Temperature is key when deciding on the best material. Lightweight fabrics are important for baseball caps and sunhats whereas knitted woolen hats can provide protection from cold weather.


Materials should be easy to clean and quick to dry - especially if you’ll be using your hat in a dusty or dirty environment.


  • Breathability


Many sun hats are designed with features such as vents at the back or side to help with ventilation and protect your head from overheating.

Winter hats may use materials that are able to move sweat to the outer surface and prevent saturation.


  • Design


Bigger hats generally offer more protection from the sun whilst tight fitting hats work well for colder conditions.


Design specifics such as vents, or velcro straps for easy closing can ensure comfort and ease of use. Chin straps and secure fastenings can ensure hats don’t fall off easily when moving around.

Man with Cap


Head protection is mandatory in any sector or environment where there are risks of falling objects. While we can meet any PPE requirement, we specialise in devising comprehensive solutions to protect people in the following industries:


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