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From top-to-toe, our PPE has undergone rigorous testing and is designed specifically for hazardous environments.

Electrical workwear needs to be practical and safe. With the unique set of challenges posed by electrical work, it is essential that careful thought and consideration are given to electrical workwear and PPE clothing.

Safety is paramount in any working environment and wearing the correct electrical workwear can prevent unnecessary accidents and fatalities.

Electrical workwear should protect against hazards, including:

• Electric shocks
• Head injuries when working in small spaces
• Damage to face and eyes


Your One-Stop-Shop For Electrical PPE

Top-to-Toe Safety

From electrically insulated hardhats to hi-vis, gloves and arc flash rated clothing, DCC is your one-stop-shop for head to toe hazard protection.

Having supplied PPE across a diversity of sectors, we’re able to devise the perfect range of electrical workwear to keep every worker safe and compliant.

BS EN Compliance

Getting the right electrical PPE is a key step to ensuring an efficient, comfortable, and safe working environment. It’s also key for ensuring conformance with regulations which can vary widely depending on the nature of the work being undertaken.

At DCC, we work with you to ensure full compliance and worker safety.

Safety Considerations

When it comes to PPE:

  • Look carefully for Arc Flash rated clothing to give you the peace of mind when buying quality electrical workwear
  • Ensure safety footwear is always worn when carrying out electrical work
  • Educate your team about the importance of wearing insulating gloves when working with electrical suppliers

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