Extensive Arc Flash PPE Options

From hi-vis flash clothing to arc flash face protection and gloves, protect every worker from top-to-toe.

Arc flash incidents can be deadly, so it pays to use a supplier you can trust when choosing PPE for your organisation.

Decades of experience protecting wearers across diverse sectors and environments makes us uniquely qualified to outfit and protect your people through our arc flash clothing.

As well as our own manufacturing facilities, we have established network of global suppliers which allows us to source the best possible PPE to protect your people and ensure conformance with regulations.

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Inherent Fabric Arc Flash Protection

Rail Industry Protection

Track workers and rail maintenance teams face many arc flash risks and hazards which must be addressed through PPE. The rail industry has specific PPE requirements and regulations that dictate the correct PPE.

We can help you navigate this complexity, ensuring you’re making the right choice of arc flash PPE.

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Utility Industry Arc Flash Clothing

Utilities workers face many risks in the field, such as cable strikes when breaking ground. That’s why Arc Flash protection is critical.

At DCC, we understand these risks and through our experience protecting utilities workers over the years, we can advise on the best Arc Flash and flame resistant options for you.

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Industrial and Electrical Sector Protection

Any work near high and low voltage electricity creates risk of an arc flash or a flash fire incident. With hundreds of arc flash incidents in the UK annually, best-in-class arc flash protective clothing is a must, not a luxury.

From head-to-toe, we can advise and supply you with the best possible range of PPE.

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From respirators to Arc flash rated garments, DCC can meet any PPE need.

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