What is moisture-wicking? Why is it important in workwear?

Whether you’re working for the council, a construction company or packing in a warehouse, strenuous jobs can cause you to sweat and feel uncomfortable if you do not have the right type of workwear.

This is why we recommend moisture-wicking garments to help workers stay comfortable across a variety of job roles.

What is moisture-wicking?

Moisture-wicking is the action of transporting sweat (moisture) away from the skin. This will help keep you dry and stay cool. This type of fabric dries rapidly so that the sweat does not saturate the fabric and cause you to feel uncomfortable.

Why do you need moisture-wicking garments?

If you’re working in the sun or heat, then doing heavy work causing you to sweat this type of garment will allow you to stay dry and comfortable. Your body will then be able to regulate its temperature better to continue working.

What type of garments should be moisture-wicking?

As this fabric is made to remove sweat from the body it’s best to wear a garment with this feature closest to the skin. This could be an underlayer or a polo shirt. Also, if the role you’re in and the tasks you do cause you to sweat heavily then it would be best if you had further layers that are also moisture-wicking to completely remove the sweat from the body and garments being worn.

What fabrics are moisture-wicking?

Fabrics that remove moisture away from the body are mostly synthetics. Synthetics are hydrophobic, meaning that they do not like moisture and therefore do not absorb it. It then sits on the surface and quickly evaporates. Fabrics such as Polyester and Nylon tend to have these properties.

Cotton, on the other hand, is anti-wicking. Cotton will soak up moisture and cause the wearer to feel uncomfortable.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Moisture-wicking garments help to keep you cool. Lightweight garments are good, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they keep you as cool as a garment with moisture-wicking properties would.

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