Want to get rid of costly anti-fatigue matting?

Anti-fatigue matting is used by many different companies across various sectors where employees stand for a long period of time, especially on hard surfaces. Standing for hours on end ca lead to leg muscles becoming tired as they are static and limits blood flow to your feet. The cushioning effect of the anti-fatigue matting is designed to make your muscles work and increase your blood flow. Standing on a softer surface will cause your muscles to be more active..

However, these anti-fatigue mats can be costly and they are needed in multiple locations through a factory or warehouse. So, how do we get rid of costly anti-fatigue matting?

The answer is, to invest in anti-fatigue footwear!

Top technology in uvex footwear provides comfort to all workers at all times. Anti-fatigue footwear works to provide both cushioning and a stable footing, whilst reducing work-related stresses on the musculoskeletal system.

These shoes and boots are also lightweight and come with a multilayer shock absorption system which also delay the onset of fatigue.

Now to get rid of the costly matts and invest in your employees health and safety.

By implementing anti-fatigue footwear you will also see other benefits;

  • decrease in slip, trips and fall due to tired muscles
  • happier workforce due to being comfortable and pain free
  • healthier workforce, less absenteeism
  • more productive workforce

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