Top Tips for the Ultimate Footcare

Pay attention to your feet!

Did you know it’s National Feet Week 8th-14th March.

With that being said, many of our wearers are on their feet for multiple hours a day. Whether you purchase footwear through us or not, we are here to help and provide a little bit of advice and help. We know how tough it can be on your feet for hours on end. Research and development is a huge part of what we do to allow us to offer quality footwear to suit a variety of situations.

It’s estimated that around 80 per cent of the adult population has some form of foot problem. The HSE also estimates that almost 200,000 people are suffering occupational lower limb disorders caused or made worse by their work. These are really worrying statistics, so we are here to share some footcare advice.

Here are our top tips on footcare.

  1. Always have both feet measured because they may not be the same size
  2. Don’t break in new shoes. Shoes that fit well should feel comfortable.
  3. When you wash your feet, make sure you dry them thoroughly (don’t soak them, it can reduce the skin’s natural oil)
  4. Change socks regularly and always if you sweat
  5. Use a moisturiser on dry skin
  6. Trim nails regularly
  7. Be aware that communal changing areas are where you pick up athlete’s foot and verruca’s.
  8. Make sure there is around 1cm space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe

Whatever you do, don’t put up with foot pain!

If you’re looking for a new supplier of footwear make sure you get in touch using the form below. As well as being able to provide top spec footwear we can offer foot clinics and custom made footwear*.


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