4 reasons why Hi-Vis Workwear is important!

What is hi-visibility workwear?

Hi-vis workwear is a type of personal protection equipment (PPE). A large portion of the UK workforce will require hi-vis PPE at some point during their career. PPE a common requirement in many roles throughout the UK, and an employer must provide it. Hi-visibility clothing is workwear that ensures the wearer is visible in high-risk situations. Here at DCC, we provide a large range of hi-vis workwear including; jacket, t-shirts, softshell jackets, trousers, waterproof garments, coveralls, accessories and more.

The materials used to make this type of workwear is luminescent and typical yellow or orange to meet the required standards for safety. The garments also have reflective strips to help increase visibility in low light.

Why is hi-vis clothing important?


As discussed already hi-vis clothing is a form of PPE. Its job is to

keep you safe. Wearing hi-vis clothing has been proven to prevent many accidents, fatalities included. Making sure staff stay visible on site is a very important part of health and safety at work. When working with machinery, on construction sites or around other large moving objects workers must be visible to each other to prevent an accident.


By wearing hi-vis clothing workers will stand out from the crowd. When branding the clothing they will also be easily identified. On large work sites there will be several different working groups controlling various jobs. Different hi-vis clothing can be used to identify certain groups of workers and also show professionalism. With staff dressed appropriately for work, it will show that the company are professional and know what is required to do the job and protect workers.

Legal requirements

In most industries wearing hi-vis clothing as part of workwear is a legal requirement as it is part of PPE. For example, in the rail industry any worker in the vicinity of the railway must wear orange high-visibility clothing to ensure they are seen. Workers in the construction industry wear yellow hi-vis clothing to ensure those operating machinery or large vehicles can identify them, therefore preventing a potential accident.

Legal standards are also set out, for hi-vis clothing items much comply with BS EN 471. This states the materials that should be used, the amount of material and also the size of reflective strips.


Workers that have the need for hi-vis clothing are most likely working in all sorts of conditions. Come rain or shine, here at DCC we have hi-visibility clothing that has many other beneficial features; waterproof, breathe, lightweight, thermal, windproof. We also supply GORE-TEX hi-vis workwear too. All of which gives the wearer extra protection while at work. You will be able to read more about this in our Technical Workwear section.

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