Top-to-Toe Hazard Protection

Waste management presents many hazards – we’ll protect your staff from every single one.

Workers in the recycling and waste disposal industry face many risks.

From operatives who must work in all weather conditions, to those directly handling waste, our wide range of workwear and PPE is made to conform to all applicable regulations and meet the diverse needs of waste and recycling industry staff who are at risk of exposure to sharps and potentially harmful substances.

We know that collections and drop-offs must be timed to perfection, so nothing should hold your team back, especially workwear. That’s why we work with you to create the perfect PPE solution.

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Head Protection

Protective headgear is mandatory in any industry with risks of falling objects. From hardhats to bump caps, our range ensures every worker and every site is fully protected and compliant.

  • BS EN 397 compliance guaranteed
  • Various products and brands to meet your needs
  • Expert advice ensures appropriate protection across all sites
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Eye Protection

Eye protection is the first line of defence for one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body so is critical for workers in frequent contact with potential hazards such as chemicals, dust, or small projectiles such as metal swarf.

Browse our wide range of well-fitting, BS EN 166 compliant eye protection options designed to prevent damage, injuries and loss of sight.

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Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) is key to health and safety in the workplace.

From powered respirators to disposable masks, RPE shields your people from harmful gases, vapours and dust to ensure they breathe clean air while they fulfil their duties.

As an employer, providing RPE is not just a responsibility but a critical part of your safety protocol that DCC can help you deliver.

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Hand Protection

With finger and hand injuries accounting for more than 25% of all workplace accidents, hand protection is a critical part of PPE.

From industry specific sleeve options to cut resistant gloves that also prevent skin absorption of harmful substances and chemicals, we can help create the perfect PPE package to protect your workers’ fingers, hands and arms.

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Safety Footwear

Not all footwear is equal and needs can vary widely depending on the environment they’re used in. We’ll help you navigate this complexity to equip your teams with the right foot protection.

  • Accurate sizing kits ensure every worker is safe and comfortable
  • Expert guidance ensures you adhere to all applicable EN standards
  • Female fit plus special arch and orthopaedic support options available
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Comprehensive Protection

From liquids to sharps and heavy items to chemicals, we’ll help assess your needs and protect your staff.

A wide range of risks demands a wide range of safety workwear and PPE options.

Through our own manufacturing capabilities and global network of audited suppliers, we can supply any garment or equipment needed to protect your workers.

This includes everything from respirators and chemical coveralls to arms sleeves for sharps and needle protection.

For waste industry workers who are public-facing, we also provide in-house embellishment to maintain a professional and on-brand image at all times.

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Your Trusted PPE Supplier

State-of-the-art Warehouse

State-of-the-art warehouse robotics means ultra-fast picking and no downtime, so you get your garments exactly when you need them.

We’re the only PPE supplier in the market to offer fully automated warehousing.

Online Ordering Portal

Control spend and standardise workwear and PPE option across your sites with our easy-to-use, multi-platform online portal.

Dedicated Account Managers

No call centres, no surprises. Your dedicated point of contact will ensure all your specific needs are met throughout the contract, no matter how complex.

Tailored Contracts

One size does not fit all.

We pride ourselves on tailoring your contracts and solution to the unique needs of your business and industry.

Cradle-to-Grave Management

From designing and sourcing products, to manufacturing, distribution and recycling, we take care of everything for you.

Ahead of the Curve

From female-fit ranges and disability-inclusive workwear options to our new warehouse which reduces emissions per pick by 75%, our R&D keeps you at the forefront of product innovation & sustainability.


From quarry workers and haul truck drivers to site managers and repair technicians, stay safe with our extensive PPE options.

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From heavy equipment operators to supervisors and maintenance crews, safeguard your team with our comprehensive PPE solutions.

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Facilities Management

From security personnel to maintenance engineers, keep workers safe and looking the part with our PPE and workwear solutions.

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Find out more about our workwear for the Healthcare industry. Overalls to PPE, we will be able to support your organisation.

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Keep back-of-house staff safe and front-of-house staff looking the part with our range of functional workwear and PPE.

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From track workers to maintenance crews, ensure compliance and protect every worker with out rail-specification PPE options.

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Transport & Logistics

From yard and warehouse personnel to maintenance crews, ensure company-wide compliance and safety with our PPE solutions.

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From plant operators to telecomms technicians, we supply the perfect range of PPE and workwear to meet your specific needs.

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From chemical resistant coveralls and PPE to needle-proof gloves, protect waste industry workers from top-to-toe with DCC.

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