DCC is Open...

We have however seen the expected fall in attendance, accompanied with the announcement that several our Key UK supply partners are have now closed.


We continue to prioritise the delivery of PPE products ahead of anything else. For the past 2 months the team at DCC have been quietly preparing an extra ordinary distribution program that will see us ship over 10 million units to our client portfolio over the coming month.

Our thanks and appreciation go out to all our employees at DCC for their ongoing commitment to our business, customers and community. DCC remains proud to be part of the critical public sector supply chain , but equally recognises the unsung heros within  our broader customer base; The builders still building, the cleaners still cleaning. Those that construct, service and maintain our Homes, Public Spaces, Utilities and  Infrastructure. Their continued efforts and commitments are vital as we emerge from this crisis. We continue to do everything in our power to ensure you have the equipment you need to keep yourselves and families safe.

Sam & Gini